Emergency Hotline

+1 (844)-905-0595


Pin Oak values the highest standards in operational and employee safety.

Safety directs our goal of providing exceptional service to our customers, and it is included in every choice we make as a Company. To achieve this goal, we reinforce safety as part of the decision-making process at all levels at Pin Oak; it is a daily mind-set that fosters awareness of surroundings and risks in any task. All employees are trained in effective ways to identify and communicate safety issues appropriately, and we measure and report all safety practices. Daily area audits and work site audits capture data to maintain a safe work environment for all employees and contractors at all times. 

Our Mission

Pin Oak’s mission is to provide our customers with quality services that are safe and environmentally responsible. We will:

  • Continuously improve safety and environmental performance
  • Remember that no job is so urgent that safety should be compromised
  • Look out for our own and each other’s safety
  • Continuously improve asset integrity
  • Minimize waste and pollution