Pin Oak Commissions Interconnections with EPIC, Cactus II, and Flint Hills, Adding Permian & Eagle Ford Capacity at Taft Terminal

Pin Oak

Corpus Christi, Texas — Pin Oak Corpus Christi, LLC (“Pin Oak” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce today the completion of the Taft 20” Pipeline, which provides the Pin Oak Taft Terminal with interconnections to Flint Hills Resources Midway Station and Cactus II Taft Terminal.

The bidirectional pipeline connection(s) to the Cactus II Taft Terminal and the Flint Hills Resources Midway Station provides inbound receipts for a suite of Permian and Eagle Ford grades and re-delivery options to the Flint Hills Resources refinery system and the FHR Ingleside terminal.

Fully supported by commercial contracts, the new Taft 20” Pipeline will be paired with the existing Gray Oak Pipeline inbound and outbound connections, and service the newly constructed tank capacity of 1.2 million Barrels at Pin Oak’s Taft Terminal. With the addition of this new infrastructure, Pin Oak becomes the only terminal in the Corpus Christi / Ingleside / Taft market(s) providing customers direct access to the region’s strategic Permian and Eagle Ford long-haul pipelines and direct access to all three of the region’s refineries (Flint Hills Resources, Valero, and CITGO). The Pin Oak Corpus Christi Terminal also receives crude from Gray Oak Pipeline and the EPIC Crude Pipeline.

​Today, Pin Oak crude customers have full access to supply from all major trading locations in the Permian and Eagle Ford basins and can import/export crude oil across Pin Oak Corpus Christi Terminal’s marine infrastructure capable of handling vessels as large as Suezmax tankers. In addition to dock services, Pin Oak provides its customers pipeline access to all local refineries (Flint Hills Resources, Valero, and CITGO) enabling crude supply opportunities.

“As we continue to be driven by our customers’ demand, we are executing on a strategy focused on integration of existing infrastructure to meet the current market needs,” said Corey Leonard, CEO of Pin Oak. “With the completion of the Taft 20” Pipeline and the tank capacity at Taft, we are building a unique service offering for our customers and securing pipeline access from the most prolific basins in the U.S.  As U.S. producers and other market participants seek diversification of their supply chains, we are providing our customers unparalleled domestic and international market optionality. We will continue to be a responsible member of the community and a steward to our employees, customers, and regional partners as we continue down a pathway of customer demand driven growth in the U.S. Gulf Coast market.”
About Pin Oak
Pin Oak is a terminal company with operating terminals in the Corpus Christi and Taft markets with a combined 5.2 million barrels of storage capacity.  The Pin Oak Corpus Christi Terminal has 4.0 million barrels of crude, NGL and refined products storage capacity with a host of pipeline connections to the region’s three refineries (Flint Hills Resources, Valero, and CITGO), regional fractionation complexes and the Gray Oak and EPIC Pipeline systems. In addition to its pipeline interconnectivity, Pin Oak provides marine access ranging from regional barges up to Suezmax tankers at its marine facilities, as well as rail and truck unloading/loading solutions. The Pin Oak Taft Terminal has 1.2 million barrels of crude oil storage capacity with strategic connections to Gray Oak Pipeline, Cactus II Pipeline and Flint Hills Resources Midway Station.